Who We Are

Our Strategy

Eneti’s strategy is to deliver sustainable long-term value to our stakeholders by building a meaningful and sustainable business in marine-based renewable energy, including investing in the next generation of wind turbine installation vessels.

The core tenets of our business are providing innovative maritime solutions to a wide variety of customers across the globe, safeguarding the environment, embracing sustainable business practices and generating strong risk-adjusted returns throughout the industry cycle. The Company has an experienced management team, a skilled, diverse and inclusive workforce, and proven commercial and technical expertise, enabling it to balance the needs of customers today while working towards a cleaner tomorrow.


Grow With Us

Our Fleet Continues to Expand

Our existing fleet of five vessels allows us install and service the current generation of wind turbines in a safe and efficient manner. With the next generation of offshore wind turbines requiring significantly more deck space, hook height, and crane capacity for installation, Eneti has commissioned two 16000X vessels with scheduled delivery in 2024 and 2025 to meet these needs.

Significant Growth in the US, Europe, and Asia

While the offshore wind industry is rather mature in Europe, other markets are just beginning their planned expansion into the sector. With our modern and technically capable fleet, Eneti is well-positioned to capitalize on the estimated 14% compounded annual growth in offshore wind capacity in the coming years.

Expanding Our Reach

Eneti has longstanding offices and relationships in both Europe and Asia. In 2022, we announced the establishment of an operational base in Virginia Beach, Virginia in order to provide support services relating to the first Jones-Act compliant offshore wind turbine installation vessel, Charybdis. Going forward, the office will act as the hub of our activities as the US works toward its stated goal of 30GW of offshore wind by 2030.


Leading the Industry

Company Profile

Eneti, Inc., along with its partner subsidiary, Seajacks, is focused on marine-based renewable energy through the installation of offshore commercial wind turbine generators. With a fleet of five wind turbine installation vessels (WTIVs), with two additional vessels currently under construction, Eneti is poised to exploit the limited availability of WTIVs, thereby creating a very favorable environment for further growth and development.

Simultaneously, our goal is to be an industry leader in the safe and environmentally friendly operations of our fleet of installation vessels and, through the installation of next generation turbines, actively participate in the reduction or omission of GHG emissions by 98.8% as compared to gas and coal-fired plants into the future.

Our Recent History

Eneti’s History as a Wind Turbine Installation Leader

Transforming from leading dry bulk commodity shipping operator to a fully committed wind turbine installation company in early 2021, Eneti’s recent history tells a story of success and vision.

Company name changed to Eneti, Inc., from Scorpio Bulkers, Inc., in transition to renewable energy

February 2021

Advanced discussions initiated with American shipbuilders for a Jones Act Compliant WTIV

May 2021

Acquired Seajacks, Inc., with offshore wind operation and construction experience since 2009

August 2021

Issued an underwritten public offering raising net proceeds of over $166 million

November 2021

Exercised an option to construct a second high spec WTIV at DSME, South Korea

December 2021

Seajacks Scylla WTIV was awarded a $60 million European contract for 2023

December 2021

Awarded a 5-year $175 million green multicurrency senior-secured term loan

February 2022

Seajacks Zaratan WTIV awarded a $36 million Asian contract for 2023

May 2022