Our Commitment


Our concern for the environment, commitment to social justice, and resolute belief in the strongest corporate governance, is the foundation of our guiding ESG principles.

In shifting our focus from one of dry bulk commodity convenance to one of full engagement in marine-based renewable energy, Eneti is committing to participate in low and zero-carbon energy systems that meet global climate standards and goals. From implementing our sustainability policy to repatriating our dedicated seafarers during the global pandemic, ESG is more than just a concept — it’s how we interact with the world.

With the restructure of our business focus, we believe Eneti is poised for long-term, sustainable viability within our industry, while delivering outstanding value to our customers, investors, and stakeholders. We strive to provide transparent, relevant, and financially-material ESG information that is industry-specific and demonstrates our continuous improvement activities.



Environmental, Social, Governance

Our Commitment
to the World at Large

As a responsible corporate citizen, Eneti fully embraces the ideal that sustainability is a central tenet the long-term viability of our business and the planet. As such, Eneti makes concerted efforts to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals for peace and prosperity with specific focus on the following goals:


Our mission and values drive a commitment to invest in developing human and social capital that seeks to build skills and knowledge in delivering solid sustainable solutions for our organization and those of our business partners, vendors, and supply chain participants.

We continue to focus on safety, diversity, training and development, and being an attractive employment option for a wide sector of people. By ensuring a safe, healthy, and rewarding work environment, we build a strong safety culture that eliminates workplace incidents, risks, and hazards. Eneti’s ongoing training programs seeks to improve awareness, safety, and procedural compliance for all our employees.

Security risks for our seafarers are top of mind at Eneti, and we want to ensure a safe and secure working environment throughout our organization, as well as with our partners and suppliers, including cooperating with international organizations in efforts to defeat maritime terrorism, modern slavery, and human trafficking.

Throughout our organization, Eneti believes in fostering an environment that respects racial equality while fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion. Our approach includes strong organizational commitments to anti-discrimination, anti-bullying and harassment, and a deep respect for benefits brought by an ethnically diverse workforce both on- and off-shore.


Eneti is committed to operating at the absolute highest environmental levels, including meeting the internationally recognized environmental management standard ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management systems. This includes reducing our Scope 1 GHG emissions, enhancing our environmental performance, and achieving our objectives with fulfillment of compliance obligations.

Imperative for meeting the expectations of our customers and stakeholders, we hold high operating performance standards for our fleet of WTIVs, including equipping all vessels with ballast water treatment systems and the use of only ultra-low sulfur fuels. We further ensure all future recycling of our offshore installation vessels will be conducted in a sustainable and socially responsible way in compliance with IMO Convention’s guidelines for the safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships.

Responsible stewardship and our sustainability goals guide our investments in next-generation installation vessels, carbon capture efforts, and exceeding our GHG reduction obligations for a safer and healthier world.


We seek to deliver sustainable long-term value to our customers, investors, and all related stakeholders by building and expanding a meaningful business in marine-based renewable energy. At Eneti, we have assembled a Board of Directors and leadership team that brings a diversity of backgrounds, opinions, and experiences to direct the ongoing strategic focus and commitment to the high standards of ethical and moral conduct outlined in our Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Working along side our leadership team, the Eneti Board of Directors adheres to clearly established mandates for governance, ethics, and compliance while ensuring data privacy and industry-leading cybersecurity. Our Code of Conduct and Ethics sets out ultra-specific guidelines that we use to counter bribery and corruption throughout our world-wide maritime operations.

As a multinational organization, our ESG program and reporting meets or exceeds all existing requirements, and we actively monitor potential changes to parameters from participating countries where we do business so that an active response can be formulated should the need arise.

Eneti strives to maintain a high level of data privacy and cybersecurity while complying with all laws and regulations that govern the collection and processing of personal data. We actively monitor our ongoing privacy policy performance, including all compliance with regulations. As well, we ensure all procedures, policies, and risk management systems protect our information management systems from cybersecurity threats.


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